We like to believe that our company is truly different than other web development & marketing companies out there. We fully immerse ourselves in your business by reviewing your current site and it’s rankings, SEO, competitors, and the industry overall and juxtapose that data with the image you want to show your business in. We feel this is the only way to accurately convey the essence of your business to the rest of the world. So what is it that fuels this ship? …


Jared Goss

Jared is a co-founder and our company manager. He’s been in business development and management for over 15 years, so if your doing your math, he’s been managing pretty much his entire professional life. Somehow he also manages to be a great dad and husband while running a start-up. We’re not real sure how he does it, but we are very lucky he’s on our team!

Tony Diorio

Our Creative Director, co-founder, and meme consultant. All of Kodeak’s design goes through him before making its way out into the world. His critical eye has always been strong and his time at Apple helped him see the world through the eyes of one of the greatest visual marketing companies ever.

Whether you are looking to sell products online, get more people through your door, keep people on your site longer, or encourage them to follow you on social media, we can help you capitalize. Your site will not only compete, but convert! Our mission is to return on your investment with us, so your success is our success.

  • Awesome , talented TRUST WORTHY and great team. Highly recommend

    Sita Thompson
    SITA Couture
  • We have been working with Kodeak since 2014. They always provide us with professional work in a timely manner. They have the resources to handle all of our digital business needs. Highly recommend Kodeak for your digital marketing needs.

    John Gabaldon
    La Ristra New Mexican Kitchen
  • Kodeak Digital Media Experts and truly experts in their field. They adapted to my pace and took something I could barely conceptualize to reality!

    Christine Frazer
    HR Any Day
  • I recommend the personalized service that this company provides. In my dealing with the staff, I really felt the passion that they have for their work. I look forward to working with them again!

    Eric Fine
    One World Piano
  • A huge thank you is in order for the Kodeak team for helping me to get my blog up and running! This local Tucson-based team designed my entire website and schooled me on SEO tactics to help me turn my pet project into a professional venture. Plus, they’re super cool dudes. Check ‘em out if you’re ready to seriously start building your brand!

    Kristyn Conner
    Peakbagging Mama
  • The personalized webpage that was created for our business was all we were hoping for and more. It truly captured the essence of what we wanted to convey to our customers. We are extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail that we received from Kodeak!

    Josh DelCasale
    Capishe Pizza

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