Prep and Pastry was concerned with their old web page and the lack of mobile responsiveness. Their old web page was hurting their ranking in Google mobile search results because of this issue. Kodeak designs and develops web pages with a mobile first thought in mind. Since, on average, 75% of web traffic is from a mobile device. The experience needs to be perfect so your user can navigate through your web page to get the information they are searching for easily and quickly. Prep and Pastry understood that their site needed to be upgraded to accomplish this.




They were also looking for a better way to display their menus on their web site. We were able to build them a custom menu page that was easy for their customers to navigate and find their favorite foods. With an elegant font and big beautiful header images of their food, it’s hard to look at the page and not want to eat there immediately.

Does your restaurant's website need to be spruced up?

We can help!

You want your customers to go to your website and get hungry reading the menu or looking through images of your food. We can put together a clean website that shows your customer just what they are getting when they walk through your doors. We can also include functionality like reservations, online food ordering,  event calendars, and newsletter sign ups. Contact us for more information or a free evaluation and quote.