Oil Reset Pro is a mobile app that was created for everyone from automotive technicians to your weekend warrior/DIY type to assist in the resetting of the oil change reminder light.

We also designed a web page for SEO that can help spread the awareness of the application and encourage downloads from the app stores. Oil Reset Pro is all over the first page of Google and has surpassed 60,000 installs on mobile devices !

Sometimes a good app can do more than its intended.

Well done, app creators. You’ve effectively taken my yob as a man away from me. I congratulate you on this endeavor. I can now crawl under my wife’s car, change her oil, and be done. Then, when she gripes about having an oil change indicator still ringing (because, let’s face it – I forget to reset it!)…I can direct her to this app to do it herself (yay gurl powa!) . After writing this I’m not sure if I should be happy or not (the whole gurl empowering part). If the next step, after resetting her oil life indicator, is doing oil changes herself – I’m coming after you, app creator. Either way, good yob getting this out there!

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Oil Reset Pro has gained a wide audience and has spawned a myriad of other opportunities for UpTopApps to generate revenue. So if you’re looking for a new side-hustle, give us a call and lets chat!