Oink Cafe was opening their 3rd location and they thought that would be a great time to launch a new website. They were previously getting as much as the could through the free website builder their hosting company offered. It was simply lacking the ability to create action from their user since you are limited to only a few options.



With Kodeak, we build you a custom site that is meant to create action and convert your online traffic into sales. Your online customer makes an opinion about your website in under 1 second and if they don’t like what they are looking at, more than 50% of your visitors will leave your site in fewer than 15 seconds.

So before you decide that the cheap way is “fine for now”, give us a call first for a free consultation and lets make sure that you are thinking about every aspect of what your website should be doing for you.

Is that free website builder just not working out?

Give Kodeak a call and lets get started!

Free websites can be an enticing option for many small business owners trying to keep costs to bare minimum, we understand that, heck we were scrapping together money for server space not too long ago ourselves. However, using services like Yellowpages or Dex rarely convey your business in the light it deserves, sometimes that is more of a detriment than not having a site at all. Click the button below, let us know what you want your website to do for you!