Alex has been doing I.T. work in Southern Arizona for over a decade now. He knows his business inside and out so when his traffic spiked but failed to convert into phone calls, he wanted us to double check for any anomalies.

We found that there was a lot of traffic coming from a city on the East coast, and seeing how Alex works solely in southern Arizona, that traffic was irrelevant. We were able to set up filters in his Google Analytics so that he could view only the traffic to his site that meant something to him. We also set up event tracking which help us know what percentage of his users were interacting with the site and where we might be loosing users in the process of getting the lead. With this real data, he can now gauge how well his site is converting and help him better decide on future marketing efforts.

There is so much data provided by Google or other analytics tools that it can be overwhelming. What does it all mean? What do I do with this data? What is it telling me about my business, my website, my promotions, my customers?

Need help sorting out your Google Analytics?

Let us go through the traffic and tell you what it means

This is often the first step in deciding what service you might need from us. You may think that your site could convert better, when in fact you have little to no traffic to convert. Or vise-versa, you think you need more traffic but you have enough traffic, you just need to steer them into action. Give us a call and we can go through your analytics and then talk some strategy.