Social Media has evolved from simple picture sharing and has solidified itself as a means of communication and a main source of information for billions of people worldwide. 83% of marketing professionals consider Facebook to be “critical” to their business and 70% of consumers said a positive referral from a friend on Facebook would positively influence their purchase decision. That is a very large, qualified, pool of potential customers that can be advertised to. Why retain a social media management company? Consider this:

Kodeak is the social media management company that will work closely with you to carefully plan, implement, and measure customized social media marketing campaigns. Every social media outlet has its own benefit to you, we can help you juggle multiple accounts and/or posts to deliver a consistent message across all networks or we can do as little as advising you on some key points to run a successful campaign.

Not enough time to curate content for social media ?

Many small businesses feel this way...

When 67% of business-to-business and 41% of business-to-consumer companies look to Facebook to acquire new customers, why aren’t you? When you consider a social media management company look no further than Kodeak!